Jumat, 10 November 2017

QUOTES ABOUT LOVE (Stories for Rainy Days Volume II)

 Here are some quotes from Stories for Rainy Days book, 
Kamu bisa ngesave atau screenshot quotes yang kamu suka 😁
  • I want to sing you every song of love. Comfort you and never let you feel bad About Life

  • I believe that right after we were born, there was someone out there who meant to be our soul mate 

  • As if I'am the most sad, I'm the most hurt

  • I'm Selfish. I just want to be happy with him, but sometimes, the reality is more painful

  • I'm jealous of the rain
  • His body has gone. Vanished to a place no one could find a name. The room is now empty, leaving nothing but two chairs, dead plants, and story of two people that once shared the secret.
  • I thank my past that led me to you. For all i knew, every step I took was all I needed to reach you. In the last step of my journey, I found you, reaching me with your gentle heart.

  • Mr. Spaceman was floating. Trying to find his home but he couldn't. He was trapped in a space of uncertainties

  • Sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing.

  • There is one kind of song that feels so devastating whenever you listen to it. You feel like your soul has been taken away

  • I want to make you the happiest person alive. for the first time in my life, someone's happiness means a lot, more than my very own.

  • I'm lonely, no one to accompany

  • Memory does work in a way that human can't expect. Sometimes it hurts, but sometimes it makes us happy

  • I think love is no different than cactus. Everybody knows that it's going to hurt if you touch them, but you touch anyway

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